About us

I always loved animals since my childhood. I lived in a small town which is around the woods, now I live here again. All this time I communicate to various animals: dogs, cats, horses and others. My dream was to have a dog kennel. I had many different breed dogs as a Labrador, English Spaniel, German Shepherd Dog. But in 2000 year I was admired in chow chow breed. In 2005, I decide to acquire one of them. I bought first chow chow in 2005 year. Her name was Heide Aitra, it was sad but she can not be showed, what I expected, so I can not breed her too. So I bought other female, with her I started my chow chow career. Now I have a lot chows friends in all world. And I am happy that I found such beautiful breed CHOW CHOW!




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